For such a project, we’re not asking for a donation – but rather for partnership. Full partnership in the enormous gratitude that reservists and their families deserve in return for their exceptional everyday sacrifice.

We invite you to take part in initiating this exhibit and to create with us this unprecedented event in Israeli culture and the art world. We invite you to declare proudly alongside us:
“Thank you! Your service is not taken for granted.”

Your donation will enable us to expand the amount of artwork, speakers, exposure, and content of the event so as to emphasize the importance and level of our appreciation for the reservist duty – in addition to the gift baskets that active reservists attending the exhibition will receive.

The event is in partnership with the Achai Foundation which provides homing for at risk youth and Lone Soldiers, helping them to integrate into communities. The foundation organises activities and seminars for the soldiers and youth while creating a connection between them and leading businesses interested in dedicated, long term manpower. 10% of all proceeds of the funding campaign will be donated to the Achai foundation.